Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Devadars:

We protect the information restored by all its clients. Keeping all the information safe is of prime importance for us. We understand the concern for every individual’s identity.  

Devadars Travels records all the information submitted through its website, any active google forms or contact forms, social media survey etc.

Devadars Travels Information Recording Processes

We are committed to not disclose your information unnecessarily. Only in case of vendor allotment and booking purpose, your records as submitted to us will be shared. 

During the expedition, all that has been captured any video/photographs or reviews, we may publish it on our website. If you want to keep your travel a private affair, we would like to have this information prior.

We also urge you to share the pictures or videos that you create on your own. We would be happy to get ourselves feature on your social media handles or blog.

Content Copyright

All the content, graphics, and videos that have been published on the website has Devadars copyright and is not subjected to be used by any third party. Duplicating the content is strictly not allowed.

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